Sunday, July 12, 2015

15th UBER PH ride

July 10 morning:
Car Model: Mitsubishi Adventure (Green)
Rating: 4 stars
Driver: Owner
Notes: Driver was already with UBER for 7 months.. wow, this has got to be the longest record among those i have ridden. Which reminds me, this is my f'in 15th ride, holiness.
Well, i rated 4 stars for asking directions from start to finish, and for picking me up in the wrong location haha.
It was during this ride that i learned and get to compare about Grab taxi's Grab Car feature, it's fixed rate but more expensive than UBERX, but i learned it has a promo right now, by using LEGALLYGRAB code, where you get 100 pesos off every ride, made me think, is it possible to cut the ride into chunks of 2 kms so that everything is free?

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