Thursday, July 2, 2015

5th UBER PH ride (UBER Black!)

July 3 morning:
UBER Type: UBER Black
Car Model: Toyota Fortuner (Black/Grey)
Rating: 5 stars
Driver: Owner (relative)
Notes: This is my first ever UBER Black car (omg)! The car was super, it's the latest version of Toyota Fortuner so everything is smelling new and spanky. The interiors are very clean and driver was very corteous, he was using iPad mini for navigation and is very well experience in UBER (5 months already). I've learned a lot about fortuner and incentives of UBER to drivers (incredible offers - 300 pesos incentive per passenger and if they met 50 passengers per week, ALL earnings get to be multiplied by 3) :)
Overall, great first UBER black experience! definitely gonna consider in the future. 

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